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Preventative Maintenance Plans in Lancaster & Palmdale, CA

Preventative Maintenance Plan

Prevenative maintenance that is regularly preformed is more likey to detect the occurance of any potential problems before they happen. We at American Plumbing Services, Inc. specialize in preventative maintenance plans, ranging from residental to commercial. You can be rest assured that your plumbing system is being properly serviced and that any hidden issues will be addressed early on, saving you thousands of dollars in service and equipment costs.

Commercial - Preventative Maintenance Plan:

$400 Quarterly (a $600 value)

  • Clear all floor drains to main line (up to 10 drains, each additional drain 50% off)
  • Clear main sewer line to city/complex sewer, repair/adjust faucets and fixtures (labor only)

Note: If any floor drain backs up between maintenance, a 50% discount will apply (to labor cost)

Residential - Prevenative Maintenance Plan:

$190 Semi-Annual (a $285 value)

  • Clear tub/shower drains (up to two drains, each additional drain 50% off)
  • Flush and inspect water heater/adjustment of household fixtures (any required repairs will be 50% off labor if repaired at time of inspection)

Our professionals provide preventative maintenance services to all residents located in Palmdale and Lancaster, CA.

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