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Garbage disposals are a great way to get rid of excess food waste without having to throw them away in the trash. Too often, unnecessary plumbing and drain problems in the kitchen are caused by improper garbage disposal care, which can then lead to expensive plumbing repairs that can easily be avoided.

Proper maintenance and care is essential in order to keep your unit issue-free. But how do you properly care for a garbage disposal? Here are some common sense tips that will help keep your garbage disposal unit running smoothly.

Most importantly, you need to be careful of what types of items you throw into your garbage disposal. Only place food items into a disposal, never try disposing of bones as they can ruin the blades, cause the unit to jam or cause your drains to clog.

Always remember to run cold water while you use the disposal to keep it running smoothly. The water will help wash any food items down and it will help keep the blades clean and free of debris. Remember to use only cold water; it will help solidify any grease or fats and help it to be chopped and washed down the drain easily.

Over a period of time, your garbage disposal may begin to put off a foul odor. To help keep your disposal fresh, grind peelings from fruits such as lemons, limes or oranges to help remove any lingering odors caused by decaying food particles.

Remember; NEVER insert your hand into a garbage disposal. If you need to remove a foreign object that is trapped in the disposal, make sure to unplug the unit or turn off the appropriate circuit breaker powering the unit. Also, make sure to wear safety gloves before inserting your hand to prevent your hand from being cut by the sharp blades of the unit.

These are general maintenance tips that are meant to help keep your disposal running smoothly. If you find that your disposal has bigger issues than you are capable of handling, contact American Plumbing Services, Inc. immediately. We have the tools and know-how to address almost every garbage disposal emergency.

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